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    Passionate About Art & A Lifetime Of Art Experience


    My name is Analisa Chase and I’m an abstract and representational realistic multi-media artist. I currently reside in Bluffton, SC (a hop, skip and a jump from Hilton Head Island) with my husband and two boys living out my dream.


    Over the past twenty years, I have continued to explore different art forms and mediums and expand my skills and knowledge. Quite often I will use my life experiences, nature, people, and cultures to guide my artistic visions to the canvas. Bold use of color and textured layers of various media make up my compositions. Because of this, my art work has found appreciative homes in both the private and commercial sectors.


    Although I’m not classically trained, I attribute my artistic abilities and talent to my rich family heritage of self-taught musicians, artists and craftsmen. I was always encouraged by my parents to express myself in the arts, which I loved and had a passion for anyway. While in school, I received awards and recognitions. Especially notable was the selection of my piece called "Golden Eagle" which was placed on exhibit at the New York State Museum in Albany, NY. I'd have to say that this was when my artistic career actually started.


    Ultimately, there is never a rhyme, reason, or in-depth thought process when I begin a new composition. I generally let the music play and my brush take over. Whatever the end result, I feel as though it was meant to be. The artwork I create is a combination of what my mind perceives, what my body senses - in a dark and peculiar, yet soft and refined way. Each piece represents a vision, a thought, an emotion, a place or thing in my life’s journey that needed to be expressed or focused on. It’s truly my therapy!


    As in most people's lives, things don't always go as planned, and I'm no exception to that rule. I’ve always struggled with emotions and communication from an early age...and still do. I had a fantastic upbringing, although I was always that shy but not so shy individual. I was socially awkward and weird. Since 1986, I have been battling Meniere’s Disease to date; In addition to this, suffered with postpartum depression after my first child (2008); And then was later diagnosed with Lyme Disease (2009) and Severe Anxiety Disorder and continue to cope with the effects today. I guess you could say that I show(ed) more through the canvas then in my day to day interacting with others. Art has been and still is my coping mechanism. I will not allow myself to give up and be defeated by what life throws at me. My faith and strong determination has led me to this place, and I take one day at a time, thankful and blessed to be doing what I love!


    Creating inspiring and interesting pieces of artwork is the most amazing feeling in the universe. The enjoyment that I've been able to bring to so many folks over the years, makes doing what I do very gratifying. It's a humbling experience. I see faces light up! There's a fantastic moment that will forever be remembered that I helped be a part of...and it's awesome! In general, I've always wondered what my true "calling" (if you want to call it that) was/is, and I think I have found it. In my book, every person has a gift; something they can do to contribute to society in a positive and beneficial manner. Painting...creating...bringing an imaginary beautiful idea to life and sharing that with the world, that's mine! Xoxo!

  • My Creative Process

    "Well, I have to say it’s not an exact science for me. I’m constantly evolving as an artist, learning new skills and techniques. Mostly observing and gathering information from those I see as mentors in the art realm or who seem to have it all pulled together! I have a very active imagination, which means a thought comes and goes, my emotions change on a dime and my brush to canvas has no guidelines to follow."

    The Tools & The Space

    "I’m a free-style painter...meaning, I kinda slap paint on the canvas and see where it ends up. I do however gesso my surfaces (whatever I’m using) even the pre-primed ones. I normally tone the canvas (under painting), and then start on the project. I use mediums with my paints and I varnish my painting(s) when completed, but only if they are being sold or going in a gallery. I work in my home studio on tables, easels, walls & floor. My favorite materials are Royal & Langnickel brushes, Liquitex & Golden paints, a color wheel and a cup of coffee."

    Letting Go

    "When I paint my mind is free, it’s solace, in a zen like essence. My entire body is engulfed in the canvas and transforms me into an alternative universe, so it would seem. That is all! I literally go with the flow!"

    Mood & Music

    "Mood is everything in a painting, especially in creating a new piece of artwork. I choose music based on how I feel. This creates my flow - the vibes to which help pick my color palette and eventually what transpires on the canvas as far as subject matter (If there is one)."

  • "My artwork isn't about one subject or another. The artwork itself is about seeing what's beyond the canvas, what feeling it invokes. I utilize my thoughts, emotions and life events as inspiration and a tool to create a visual image depicting its own story. I also consider each piece as a conceptual overview of my dreams, thoughts, and emotions coming to life in a very abstract way. In turn, whether a conscious or subconscious result, my paintings tend to be soft and refined yet dark and peculiar. With this process I've been able to form my unique technique and style of painting."

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