Artist Analisa Chase's signature for her website

    Analisa Chase is an abstract and representational realistic multi-media artist. She currently resides in Bluffton, SC (a hop, skip and a jump from Hilton Head Island) with her husband, two boys, and two rescue pups living out their dream.


    Over the past twenty-plus years, she has continued to explore different art forms and mediums and expand her skills and knowledge. Quite often she will use her life experiences, nature, people, and cultures to guide her artistic visions to the canvas. Bold use of color and textured layers of various media make up her compositions. Because of this, her artwork has found appreciative homes in both the private and commercial sectors.


    Although she is not classically trained, she attributes her artistic abilities and talent to her rich family heritage of self-taught musicians, artists and craftsmen. She was always encouraged by her parents to express herself in the arts, which she loved and had a passion for naturally. While in school, she received various awards and recognitions; Especially notable was the selection of her piece called "Golden Eagle" which was placed on exhibit at the New York State Museum in Albany, NY. This event was the turning point for Analisa's unforeseen future as a professional artist.


    Ultimately, there isn’t a rhyme, reason, or in-depth thought process when she begins a new composition. She generally lets the music play and her brush take over. Whatever the end result, she feels as though it is meant to be. The artwork she creates is a combination of what her mind perceives, what her body senses - in a dark and peculiar, yet soft and refined way. Each piece represents a vision, a thought, an emotion, a place or thing in her life’s journey that needed to be expressed or focused on. It’s truly her therapy!


    Analisa's strong faith and determination has led her to where she is today; and while taking one day at a time, thankful and grateful, she gets to do what she loves! In general, she has always wondered what her true "calling" was/is. Every person having a gift; something they are able to do to contribute to society in a positive and beneficial manner; Painting...creating...bringing a beautiful idea to life and sharing that with the world, that's part of Analisa's!


    My Creative Process

    "Well, I have to say it’s not an exact science. I’m constantly evolving as an artist, learning new skills and techniques and experimenting with many mediums. Mostly I like to observe and gather information from those I see as mentors in the art profession or at least who seem to have it all pulled together! I have a very active imagination, so I have thoughts that come and go, and my emotions change frequently and my brush to canvas is always scurrying around."

    The Tools & The Space

    "I’m a freestyle painter...meaning, I like to put the paint on the canvas and see where it takes me. I gesso all of my surfaces (whatever I’m using) even the pre-primed ones. I normally tone the canvas (underpainting) and then start on the artwork. I use many mediums with my paints and varnish the painting(s) when completed, but only if they are being sold or going to a gallery. I work out of my home studio on tables, easels, walls & the floor. My favorite tools and materials are Royal & Langnickel, Liquitex & Golden, a color wheel, and a cup of coffee."

    Letting Go

    "When I paint my mind is clear and relaxed, it’s solace really. My entire body is engulfed in what will be going onto the canvas. I'm in the moment and just go with the flow! "

    Mood & Music

    "Mood is everything in creating a painting and more so with the final product. I choose music based on how I'm feeling or what will get me into a specific state of mind prior to putting the brush on the canvas. This creates a rhythm which helps me to pick the color palette to use and eventually assists to what is painted."