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    Oh boy! Where do I begin? I'm kind of at a loss for words truthfully and I'm probably going to make this long-winded and poetic - it's just the way I tend to write...so sorry in advance; I am very excited, a little emotional, and thrilled about this new collection. There are many layers to how I feel regarding it because it's different from anything else I've ever created or thought to create - all of my work to date has been two-dimensional with just a bit of texture in the compositions but not like these pieces have. It's been an interesting process of creating these paintings and a cool journey for me. I've been coming to know myself more, I've gained a better understanding of who I am as an artist, and I have grown by allowing myself to expand on my ideas and learn how to bring them to life. You could throw in a heap of humility for trying something new and completely out of your comfort zone too - it scares the crud out of you but is so self-gratifying. And of course, knowing that you're advancing and not staying stagnant makes you feel really good and that you're doing something right and accomplishing something. So it's been an inspiring adventure, to say the least. And so, after reviewing old photos one day of places we had gone to and hiked with my family and friends and seeing the raw beauty to which we were surrounded, I said to myself that I needed to go back to basics, back to the roots, back to the elements as they are. Furthermore, this collection was born and consists of twenty-four (24) contemporary textured abstract mixed-media paintings that I hope will bring a subtle and "grounded" point of view to what we see and use every single day and kind of ignore in my opinion. Nature has an effect on people...and I know it certainly does for me and so I wanted to bring the outdoors in and try to replicate what God made so perfect already. Of course, I'm imperfect and these paintings or sculpture-like creations are imperfect too...but that's alright. The point is to appreciate what's around us that gives us structure in the literal and metaphorical sense. In continuation, the idea or style of these textured paintings on canvas ultimately came from exploring the wild outdoors and seeing up close how each element is in its own environment, feeling the actual physicality of them in my hands and below my feet, looking at the characteristics that differed from one to the other - such as on the bark of the trees, the way that the sun shined on the stones or the ground, creating depth of shadows within the groves and crevasses. I have to say that If you look closely enough you can seriously see more than what you think is actually there, it's significantly overwhelming. So, in addition, this entire collection "Clay, Earth, & Stone" is all about natural elements in their own state within nature and their simplistic, neutral, and hopefully calming effects in and of themselves that make them so beautiful to admire. And on another note, one thing that really stood out to me during our excursions was the complexity and magnitude of each individual element...that is the clay, the earth, and the stone. So many variations in the natural world - many different colors, textures, sizes, and even strengths; just truly magnificent...I did my best to encompass all of these things. It was intoxicating and still is to this day when I go for walks outside. Henceforth, this collection is just the start of my newfound appreciation and interest for the vast, yet tiny, details in nature and perception of the world we live in and I plan to delve into this style of artwork even more. So in conclusion, I can only hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have and come to appreciate what nature provides us a little bit more! Bring the outdoors in and create a pleasant balance within your space!

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