About The Series

    I'm very excited about this new series because it's different than most other pieces I've created. The entire series "Current", is about the movement of water in a continuous and effortless way, unobstructed and ever-flowing. It goes without saying that the ocean, water in general, has an effect on people...I know it does for me. What about you? The idea or style of these abstracted paintings - both on paper and canvas, came from breaking down the shapes that the water makes, whether physically: hitting rocks, pebbles, or breaking waves, the surf running up the beach shoreline; or by the appearance of the water made by sunlight and shadows. If you look closely enough, you see more than what's actually there. The line-work is the flow of the water itself, twisted and entangled, the amplitudes and troughs either minute or monumental, and the curvatures around structures. This series is my perception of the magnification of the water's "current" all by taking away the unified vision of realism. I hope you enjoy it!