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  • Welcome to the studio!

    I am Analisa Chase, an abstract contemporary and representational realistic multi-media artist living with my family in the low-country town of Bluffton, SC. I specialize in abstract art, seascapes, anything nautical, and figures too. And on occasion, dabble with anamorphic driveway/sidewalk street art and murals.


    I create to spread joy to others. It's my therapy and I feel compelled to do what I do. The gift that I possess, provided to me, isn't something I can keep to myself.


    Unfortunately, life has a way of telling you when it's time to move on and change things up. With this said, sadly, I'm closing up my art shop to pursue other endeavors. This doesn't mean that I will quit creating altogether, I'm just taking a well-needed break to clear my mind and put priorities in check for what's best for my family and myself right now.


    What does this mean for y'all, it means you'll be getting great prices on all that's left in my shop - 75-90% OFF for that matter. I cannot thank you all enough for your support over the last near-decade; it's been a true blessing.